Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2nd trip Bumbury

Well this is our second camping trip and this time we had another little neville with us. Yes it was Sarah's first ever camping trip!. This trip would take us along the beautiful coastal seaside of south Perth to Bunbury, then back through the rich farming lands of Harvey. So with the commodore packed with our new tent, some car tucker (cookies), and two of the rugrats we headed down the highway to our first pit-stop Mandurah.
Well the kiddies had some fun on the swings at Mandurah foreshore then we were back inside the commodore and off down towards Preston beach for another pit-stop. We hit the cookies and drink, had a swim and a play on the swings and off down the road.
Our next stop was our campsite for the night Bunbury. We set up the tent for the first time with the help of the kiddies... and then went for a walk to Koombana Bay beach. We spent most of the day just having a swim and doing some beachcombing along the long stretch of sandy white beach. Then we went walkabout down the Leschenault inlet which ran along the caravan park that we were staying at. The track took us along a boardwalk which ran through some old mangroves in the Sykes foreshore reserve. Then the kiddies had some fun on the swings and posed for some photos of Bunbury.
In the arvo we went for a drive for some tucker and a bit of a senic drive around Bunbury to have a stickybeak.First we drove down the main street then up to the lookout at Mariston hill. where this photo was taken.
Then we traveled over to the only tourist atraction in Bunbury...the Bunbury Lighthouse!!!, which overlooks Rocky Point. We stayed there till sundown, then had a nice lazy drive along ocean drive. Then had a stickybeak at boat harbour then back to Koombana bay caravan park.
The next day we went and had a swim at the beach again, then had a swim in the park's pool. After that we packed up the tent and then headed out of town towards Brunswick Junction. Then a drive to the dairy farming region of Harvey, then a quick drive up to Harvey Dam. Which was the best Dam I think ive ever seen, from there we drove to the information centre and had a gander at there outside gardens that were real beaut.
Then back in the car for the drive home, past Pinjarra then the quiet bush town of Serpentine. And before long we were back home in Middle swan.